Hermien Koen

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Hermien Koen

Colourful and impulsive

Hermien Koen (1957) lives and works in Leeuwarden (The Netherlands).

 I studied theology (Theologische Universiteit Kampen 1975-1984) and shifted focus to visual arts. Human figure, portrait and still life are my main themes. I work in acrylic paint, partly in combination with aquarelle crayon on paper as well as on canvas. I prefer short poses when I draw from a model, afterwards selecting the best out of a series.

Nude at the base

Painting or drawing a nude remains something special. It is the groundwork of (model)drawing, as sports practice is to a sportsman. The directness of rendering an undressed body, without any hold or extra’s, requires a lot of one’s technique. But also vulnerability, suggestion and atmosphere attach to this subject in a different way. I like to deal with that.


deUpclose and personal

For several years I’ve been interested to picture women, when posing to me, together with their handbag - as a sort of duet. The way people prefer to hold their handbag stimulates my phantasy about how they relate to their ‘luggage’. The handbag is cherished by women, sometimes borne, clutched or tolerated.”

Woman with handbag